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Our engineers’ thorough knowledge of Railway Group, Rail Industry, Network Rail company standards and industry best practice will help us to safely deliver your signalling projects.

Complete Signalling Design and Management Solutions

Using the combined skillset of our engineers and engineering managers, we can deliver comprehensive signalling design submissions. This may be to deliver a client’s full GRIP3, GRIP4 or GRIP5 (ES3, 4 or 5) submission, including the following services.

  • All GRIP3 and 4 (ES3 and 4) signalling design reports

  • All GRIP5 (ES5) design details

  • Scheme Design and all supporting material

  • CRE services

  • We can manage all related activities including SORAT and Signal Sighting

  • Stakeholder management including consultation with clients, operators and MSRP submissions.

Signalling Specification Production and Verification

We have the ‘in house’ capability of experienced engineers who can produce and check specifications for all stages of the Network Rail GRIP and PACE processes. From turning high level design concepts into workable solutions through to bespoke design briefs for unusual and special situations, our engineers have the experience to provide tailored solutions. We work with a multitude of different signalling technologies including RRI, CBI (SSI, Westlock and Smartlock), Level Crossings, Axle Counters, ETCS, CBTC and more.

Our capabilities include the production and independent verification of the following specifications and reports:

  • Signalling Design Specifications

  • Feasibility Reports

  • Asset Condition Reports

  • Correlation Specifications

  • Option Selection Reports

  • Fringe Interface Specifications

  • Operational Requirements Specifications

  • Signalling Compliance Reports

  • SSI Capacity/Compliance Reports

  • E810 Assessments of Reasonable Opportunity

  • Interlocking Data Development Plans

  • Interlocking Control Requirement Specifications

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Our engineers’ thorough knowledge of Railway Group, Rail Industry, Network Rail company standards and industry best practice will help us to safely deliver your signalling projects.

Signalling Design and Verification

Our engineers are IRSE licenced to Principles and Verifier level and have a large and varied range of experience in mainline and metro signalling. All GRIP 3 to 5 (ES3-5) design activities are covered, including scheme design, control table production and verification from appendix A-H. We have a breadth of knowledge built around various legacy and modern signalling technologies and principles.

  • Signalling Scheme Sketches/Plans

  • Level Crossing design (scheme design and detailed design)

  • Design Logs

  • Headway Calculations

  • Signal Spacing Calculations (SSpaM)

  • TPWS Calculations

  • Bonding Plans

  • Level Crossing strike-in calculations

  • Scheme Plan Risk Assessments

  • Location Area Plans

  • Aspect Sequence Charts

  • Schematics (Axle Counter, Signalling Power, Cable, TFM, etc)

  • Axle Counter Siting Forms

  • Location wiring designs

  • RRI wiring designs

  • Control Tables

  • Correlation Specifications

Project Engineering and Design Management

We have many years experience in the management of design packages from feasibility, option selection, single option development, through to detailed design and implementation. With hands-on experience of Network Rail’s GRIPand PACE lifecycles, we can provide engineering leadership, integration and assurance for signalling and signalling-biased multi-discipline projects.

When required by our clients, we can provide CRE, CEM, Signalling PE and DPE services for our own designs and other contexts including:

  • Stakeholder management/engagement

  • Assurance reviews

  • Attendance/participation at workshops and risk assessments

  • Participation into CSM and CDM requirements

  • MSRP Submissions

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