TransPennine Route Upgrade (TRU) for Siemens Mobility

TRU is a multi-billion pound, transformative, long-term railway infrastructure programme that will improve connectivity in the north of England. The programme includes major remodelling of key railway hubs across the route. As part of the work, extensive signalling infrastructure interventions are required.

Prime Rail Engineering Ltd has been engaged with Siemens Mobility to help them to deliver complex signalling design solutions. Part of the works include the remodelling of both the Huddersfield station area and Stalybridge Junction. This requires the provision of new Westlock interlockings and significant lineside signalling alterations including the introduction of new Axle Counter train detection.

Our engineers, using their specialist Westlock interlocking expertise have, so far, contributed to the successful completion of the following GRIP4 and GRIP5 signalling deliverables:

  • Fringe Specifications
  • Westlock interlocking data
  • Control Tables
  • Aspect Sequence Charts
  • E420 Specifications
  • Westrace Trackside System Schematics
  • Interlocking Data Development Plans
  • Interlocking Control Requirements Specifications

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